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A brilliant Facebook comment showed nothing but a blank yellow writing pad. The heading said something like this.  ‘What the world owes you’.  And of course one had to deduce…

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Have you ever had a sip of tear-water tea as described in the children’s book by Arnold Lobel, called Owl at Home? Basically, the owl wants to have some tea…

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After sending in the last of my judging comments for a writing contest I was involved in…I sent the co-ordinator these comments. “I am DONE, DONE and DONE!” And she…

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I am printing the hi-lights of what is known as the tongue chapter -James 3. It sums up all that we have been saying and more. This is the Message…

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Oh my, stuff comes out of my mouth on the fly. Are you like me? Have you said stuff better not said? Temper, irritability sadness, any kind of emotion can…

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We think we know who said certain quotes but we would be wrong in that. James Cagney never said- You dirty rat and Queen Victoria didn’t say- We are not…

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