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A Caregivers Perspective By Stephen Clover   The computer screen is on. I am staring at an internal view of a human being. The graphics are such that I am…

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Over the next few weeks, I feel led to write about how I found the Lord, what happened afterwards and what is happening to me now. It will be a…

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Last night we were discussing children. My wife told us one time when her kids were playing hide-and-seek, and all had been found but one. In desperation, they asked Hine…

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Being an underage drinker and going to a bar was exciting. The complete thing of being somewhere I should not became an enigma. To take on security staff and win…

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Lately there has been a bit of talk going on about Noah's Ark. In our corner of the vineyard, we feel that the ark is not just a floating zoo.…

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The deaths at Pike River Mine have described as the worst disaster in New Zealand since Mount Erebus erupted in 1979. The bodies of 29 miners are still in the…

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There are many kinds of communication available to further the Great Commission. Here are some of them. The telephone has always been around with text messaging and e-mails now in…

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