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Imperfections fill the world. Being perfect is far from reality. There are too much selfishness, hatred, chaos coupled with murder, crime, poverty and terrorism in this imperfect world.  We dream…

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Money becomes evil when it makes someone disowns God or when it makes man rely less on Him. A poor person always recognizes God as the Giver of Hope, the…

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Yesterday was Father’s Day! I wished my father the best not only for the holiday but all throughout his life. My father, just like all other fathers in the world,…

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America’s official motto is an inspiring one. It represents a race which believes that as long as they trust in God, everything will be fine. In the United States, this…

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With the Bible containing many verses warning about money and wealth, many Christians fear that accumulating wealth will allow them to fall into the devil's trap. However, Christians can be…

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The Bilbe says that money is a root of all evils that it is hard to enter the kingdom of God when you are wealthy. However, money is important. It…

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