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While Christians may differ in opinion about whether or not it is appropriate to celebrate Halloween, there is still one overriding issue.  How should Christians, who choose not to celebrate…

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There is a passage in John 17 where Jesus prays for His followers.  I especially like “The Message” version, which has some key verses that are very empowering. When Jesus…

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Most of us know the scripture verses that refer to God giving us whatever we ask for.  Or perhaps you are familiar with the “name it and claim it” phenomenon. …

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One of the first verses that really struck my heart when I became a Christian about 17 years ago was this:  You did not choose me, but I chose you……

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There is an interesting passage of scripture where Jesus tells the disciples about who is going to betray Him.  It is found in John 13:18-30.  Although at times Jesus spoke…

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Lately it seems like nothing but tragedy has been going on, from national news of the tornados that have devastated towns, to things related to my personal world such as…

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What are the things that you guard with your life?  Most of us would likely give answers such as our family, our career, or our prized possessions.  We think of…

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