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A while back a good friend of mine shared with me a video that really spoke to me. It resonated with me concerning how I relate to my spouse and…

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At some point, maybe even now, you will find yourself walking through a truly dark and scary moment in life. Times of intense unknown can paralyze you. These moments can…

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“I love you.” “You’re amazing.” “Wow, that was really good babe.” Those are words of life that my wife has said to me more times than I can count. Each…

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Since I first became a part of Christendom back in ’97 I have heard over and over again how religion kills, religion is bad, and Christianity is about a relationship…

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Have you ever compared yourself to others? Perhaps you look at your peers and wonder what happened? We’re the same age, how can this be? How have they accomplished that…

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A long time ago people would attend the house of worship that was in their neighborhood, our orthodox Jewish brethren still do. But our culture of customization and personalization cause…

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I must confess last year I didn’t know the organization WikiLeaks existed. However, with the various things it has released this year how could someone not know about it. Most…

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