Christmas Truths

The turkey is a thawing. The geese still getting fat

Aunt Ella’s at the table, ready for a spat.

Gracie is determined to catch Santa at his game.

Johnny peeks at presents hoping for his name.

Hubby is hunting Luke, probably chapter two,

While I peel more potatoes, cause what I have won’t do.

Yes, this is our busy Christmas, once again this year,  

Full of chaos, crazy schedules and frantic Christmas cheer.

Yet soon we’ll sit together; read and worship deep,

And traditionally remember why gratefully we keep

The love of Christ dear in our hearts, our lives forever new

When Christmas comes to our house, just like it will to you 

Yes, in spite of us…Christmas.

May grace, mercy and peace be with us in truth and love this special Christmas season. (From 2 John 1:3)

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