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I share a story today, from a craft perspective, over on my personal blog, Park Avenue. It’s the tale of this ratty, worn, and tattered shirt that is my husband’s…

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Some six months ago, I told you in this post about Reed Sandridge and his yearlong experiment to give $10 a day to a complete stranger, all while unemployed. His…

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Our Christmas tree fell over last year three times. Ornaments were broken, pine needles were everywhere, it wasn’t pretty. Those falls combined with the amount of time it takes me…

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Recently, a friend posted on her Facebook status that she had been awakened each night for several nights in a row and found herself unable to go back to sleep. Of course,…

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No one tells you when you marry a pastor that everyday goings-on, mishaps, and air-headed moments become fodder for possible sermon illustrations. Fortunately, my husband and I have an understanding…

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