Gomer is a medical slang term meaning “Get Out Of My Emergency Room”, denoting a difficult patient. This partially explains Gomer Pyle, the dimwitted character in the Mayberry TV shows.

The Bible Gomer is Hosea’s wife, the woman he rescued from a life of harlotry. Gomer means full of idolatry; as bad as she could get. She didn’t have much hope, really. Her dad’s name, Diblaim, means “double layers of grape cake”, meaning he was completely given over to sensuality. She was starting at the bottom for sure!

Gomer and Israel were a matched pair. In fact, Hosea used his wife and their children as a visible example of the kingdom’s wickedness.

Child # 1 : Jezreel – “Payday is coming”

Child # 2 : Lo-ruhamah – “No Mercy”

Child # 3 : Lo-ammi – “Nobody”

(Hosea 1, MSG)

Hosea forgave Gomer and bought her out of slavery with fifteen pieces of silver and a homer and a half of barley, or the price of a slave which was 30 pieces of silver.

Jesus paid the price for our sins with his body. We were slaves before we knew him… Judas sold Jesus out for the price of a slave, thirty pieces of silver.

What are you willing to give me if I hand Him over to you? And they weighed out for and paid to him thirty pieces of silver [about twenty-one dollars and sixty cents]. (Matthew 26:15, AMP)

Prayer – Thank you Father God, for you redeemed us from slavery with the priceless gift of your son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen!

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