7 Things You Should Know About Mandisa

2. She resides in Nashville, Tenn. and attends church at Bethel World Outreach Center in nearby Brentwood.

3. Her third album, “Freedom”, is scheduled to be released March 24. Her first two albums were “True Beauty” (released July 31, 2007) and “It’s Christmas” (October 14, 2008).

4. Mandisa’s life verse is Psalm 139. “There were times in my life I tried to get away from God,” she says. “It has had a huge impact on my life, especially during those times. Especially at the end (Psalm 139:23-24)–that has been a lifelong prayer of mine.”

5. Her favorite musicians include Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Cece Winans.

6. She describes author/speaker Beth Moore and Christian artist Travis Cottrell as the two people who have had the most impact on her life. “Working with them gave me the confidence to be a performer,” she said. “Those performances led to studio work and that led me to the point where I felt I could try out for ‘American Idol’.”

7. Who needs a backup plan? “I can’t imagine doing anything besides singing. It’s something I’ve always know I wanted to do. People used to ask me, ‘What’s your backup plan if music doesn’t work out?’ I always said I didn’t need a backup plan, that this is what I wanted to do.”

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