Always Enough

You can search on line for lots of great leftover turkey recipes but this is the easiest one ever.

Spray a large casserole with non-stick spray, or butter it if you prefer. Press leftover stuffing into the dish and then add more leftovers like cubed turkey, vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce.  Heat and serve with extra gravy.

One day a man arrived from Baal Shalishah. He brought the man of God twenty loaves of fresh-baked bread from the early harvest, along with a few apples from the orchard.

Elisha said, “Pass it around to the people to eat.” His servant said, “For a hundred men? There’s not nearly enough!” Elisha said, “Just go ahead and do it. God says there’s plenty.”

And sure enough, there was. He passed around what he had—they not only ate, but had leftovers. (2 Kings 4:42-44, MSG)

Leftovers aren’t new, but they prove the generosity of God.

Prayer – Thank you God, that you never see us as or treat us as leftovers. Amen

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