Answered Prayers

Author Cecil Murphy recommends that we crawl out of isolation into writing groups, online chats, and even meet real live folks for lunch. These must not be writers, but people who talk about anything else.

I get his point. We writers get stuck in our personal ruts. But we are not alone. Think of our past, dear friends. At 20, we met with our friends and discussed wedding plans and babies. By 35, we struggled together through the terrible teens. Before we knew it, our pensions were on the table.
Did we ever spend much time talking to older folks and gleaning their wisdom? Did we often visit side-by-side with little ones to get their impressions of life? No. Mostly we clung to safe same-age relationships.

It is not too late. What if we slipped into granny’s senior resident for a visit and maybe even stayed for lunch? What if we volunteered at a literacy clinic, or a pregnancy unit? What if we stepped out of our safe age box and learned about the people around us? What if we plunked ourselves down beside a person of different culture or race and listened to their views?

And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.( 1 John 5:15, NIV)

Prayer – Lord God, make us more than we are. For the ageless Christ. Amen

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