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I’ve been playing a lot of the card game Solitaire on my phone lately.  It’s not the hardest, most mentally stimulating game available on a smartphone, but I do a…

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When placed in a situation where the scenery never changes, where life must be endured, rather than lived.   Being in the same spot emotionally and spiritually, like the Church of…

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We so often hear that being still before God is the most effective form of prayer.  But have you ever reached a point when the weight of your circumstances prevented…

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Have you ever noticed the amount of material available today on prayer?  Taught in seminary, online and to lay people, it is a prevalent theme in our culture.  What is…

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If you were to hear about an upcoming Christian conference entitled “You Can’t Handle What God Gives You,” would you be interested in signing up?  Probably not.  A catchier title…

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If a corporate institution is suffering from low revenue or consumer participation, they can easily run an ad campaign to raise awareness.  Churches, while far from corporate entities are using…

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