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That’s what we are all working on, the art of looking like we are paying attention. Linda Stone, a former senior executive with Apple and Microsoft, calls it “continuous partial…

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That’s our new church motto. At least the precious name of Jesus is how we remember our new church motto. This is how it goes. Jesus First: we believe in…

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You know the story. People decided to build the build the most prominent tower ever, in the best place ever. Nobody bothered to ask God what he thought of the…

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Our days are getting shorter. We can generally count on snow in this area but in the southern hemisphere, they are counting daffodils. In North America, November is National Beard…

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Miley Cyrus made sure she was not overlooked at this week’s MTV Awards. While many label her actions as “individualized expression,” others recognize the truth behind her outrageous performance. Miley,…

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A while back a good friend of mine shared with me a video that really spoke to me. It resonated with me concerning how I relate to my spouse and…

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