Ball Gown Baggage

Some days I use any excuse to veg in front of the TV. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of history shows based on characters in the 18th century. Those long gowns fascinate me. They aren’t the least bit practical. Those long trains drag the ground picking up who knows what.

A whole roast beef, a fireplace, a couple of children and an elephant could be captured under one of those things.

Thankfully we don’t usually dress that way now, but we still drag lots of unnecessary things around with us.

Think of the guilt we bear from past mistakes, the wounds from people we trusted, the anger over some mistreatment…together they form elephant-sized troubles.

Isn’t it time we shook our skirts and got into a more modern outfit? I grant you, most of us don’t have the knees for a mini-skirt but anything is better than a baggage of ball gowns.

What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them with ropes made of lies, which drag wickedness behind them like a cart! (Isaiah 5:18, NLT)

Prayer- Lord we are tired of dragging stuff we don’t need, stuff that doesn’t fit your plan for our lives. Shake our skirts, Lord, and shake us into paying attention and dealing with that unnecessary drag. Amen.

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