Be Your Own Best

Always strive to approach every encounter, every challenge, and every task with an attitude of faith, hope, humility, gratitude, and love. Not only will it bring out the best in you, but others as well. (Unknown)


That is a lofty goal.

I’d like to be the best writer ever, or the finest grandmother in history but I am not so keen to be the best sufferer or even the best widow ever. Anyway, I think Anna already qualified as the best widow. 

How can anyone compete with a prophet who was married seven years, widowed for eighty-four, never left the temple, worshiped night and day, fasted and prayed, AND then prophesied over the Christ Child? (See Luke 2:36-38)

That’s a high goal for the rest of us.

However, I am able to choose to live my best life. 

I am motivated to bring glory to God and I can choose to do it to the best of my ability. And I am not alone in this. You too are able to be the best “whatever” that God is calling you to be.

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