Biggest Words

With only 26 letters in our alphabet, we somehow morph them into unspeakable shapes.

Currently the longest word in the English language dictionary has 189,819 letters and takes three hours to pronounce! It’s a medical term and some scholars refuse to count it because it isn’t in everyday use.

Comedian Jack Benny used to say that the longest word he ever heard was the one following this phrase. ‘Now, here’s a word from our sponsor.'”

I like ‘smiles’ because there is a mile between the first and last letter. Old timers choose beleaguered because it has a league in it and a league is three times the length of a mile!

Well, enough already about the longest word. The longest trip we’ll ever take is the one from our head to our heart. That happens when the truth about Jesus’ life, and death on behalf of our sin, becomes more than an idea and instead becomes our salvation.

Prayer- Father God, help us make the trip. For Christ and for ourselves.  Amen

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