Blabbermouth God

We know that God sees in secrets and keeps our secrets but can God actually keep other secrets? I don’t think so!! Some of his secrets are temporary—but he tells all eventually

For there is nothing hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything [temporarily] kept secret except in order that it may be made known. (Mark 4:22, AMP)

So it’s all out there clear as crystal. I’m telling you God is a blabbermouth! Why, he even warns us ahead of time. Take a look at Noah in Genesis 6. God told Noah that he intended to make an end of all flesh, and there was that flood thing too.

He tells both Abraham and Lot that Sodom is burnt like a new bride’s fried potatoes!

God told Joseph about the seven year famine and Joseph stock piled lunches for everybody!

Remember Moses and those plagues on the Egyptians? Or the prophet Amos who gave God’s message about how a bunch more countries were going down for the count—and they did!

AND the Old Testament is full of information about the Christ who will come to save us from our sins!

I guess the lesson we need to learn is that when God spills the beans, we better pay attention!

Prayer – Some secrets are better told, God and we thank you for these truths! Amen

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