Britannia Church

This little church building has existed since 1843 and has been a heritage building since 1981. Services continued there over the years, but gradually the congregation declined. In September 2014, the building was handed over to the local municipality. There will be no more yearly memorial services.

How does this change my life?  I am sad. After all, my ancestors, from the earliest ‘greats’ to my own parents, are buried in the small cemetery adjoining the building.

But the building is not our faith. Stained windows are not our God. We ourselves are the church, just as you are, where you live. We are the church; the living, breathing, God-loving worshipful church.

How do we know?

They were there a whole year, meeting with the church (not IN the church-)and teaching a lot of people. (Acts 11:26a, MSG)

Prayer –  Father, may we always be more than the building. Amen

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