Buttered Up

When I first decided to make that rhubarb loaf, I needed butter. The grocery store where I shop gives out points, but I’d dashed out without my card so I offered the butter points to the gal ahead of me. She gratefully accepted.

I held out the $4.00 butter cost but she declined and asked the clerk to add the butter to her order. She said, “Since you were so nice, I want to be nice in return.”  Quite frankly, I was gobsmacked.

In Luke 10:27, Jesus told a man that he was right when he said he said “The Scriptures say, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.’ They also say, ‘Love your neighbors as much as you love yourself.’”

When the man demanded to know just who his neighbour was, Jesus told the story of The Good Samaritan, about a fellow who got beaten up and then ignored by passersby.

I didn’t get beaten up when I went out for butter, but I did get buttered up. That day, that lady was my neighbour.

Look around you carefully today. Your neighbour needs you.

Prayer – Lord, open our eyes to the little things that bless others around us. Amen

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