Can You Move Forward?

There are a few things you have to do. Here is a plan to follow.

Once we decide not to quit, then we have to determine our goal. Is it one that God would approve? Do we have his support in this? For instance, he would not want us to walk over the backs of others to our success, now would he?

Then we must count the cost of getting there. How will it affect our family life, our free time, our income, our church service? Is our time frame reasonable?

Finally, we have to actually DO something. Break the task into smaller amounts. After all, Moses got the Israelites out of Egypt one step at a time.

Have to lose 50 pounds? Some of the beginning steps might look like this.

  1. Pray for God’s guidance.
  2. See the doctor.
  3. Join Weight Watchers
  4. Rid cupboards of all junk food

Prayer- Lord, here we go, journeying this path again, expecting that this time, we won’t quit. In Christ. Amen.

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