Captive Magician

When some patients visit their Doctor, they don’t like to share their symptoms. Instead they say they are fine and that all is well. But just as they are leaving, (or with spouse prodding them), they might mutter something about shortness of breath or chest pain. The Doctor has unknowingly been playing Twenty Questions, but didn’t realize it and has no time for it. 

When the Roman soldiers blindfolded Jesus they tried to get him to play that kind of guessing game.

Luke 22:65-They blindfolded Him also and asked Him, Prophesy! Who is it that struck You? And they said many other evil and slanderous and insulting words against Him, reviling Him (AMP).

“Tell us this, tell us that.” they yammered.

Sometimes we put Jesus in the same position.

“I’m praying Lord and I want this answer. Resolve my trouble this way. Stop that from happening now, Lord.”

After all, we reason, “He is mine and I am his…….yes that is so. However He is not yours (or mine) to order about as we please. He is not our personal Captive Magician. No. He is not the God of OUR Command.

Unfortunately, like those Guards, we often twist his words to be what we want to hear so that we can do what we want.

Luke 22:70, 71- And they all said, You are the Son of God, then? And He said to them, It is just as you say; I AM. And they said, “What further evidence do we need? For we have heard [it] ourselves from His own mouth (AMP)!


Prayer: Lord, Help us be your servants, not your guards. Amen.

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