Chemically Dependent

We’re all on a ‘clean eating’ kick right now. Foods must be organic, natural, and chemically pure. We like them better if they are grown in a far distant country and cost a fortune. They are even more magnificent if they were just recently discovered and eaten by another species and then recycled to us.

Now plans are in progress to bring us chemically-designed pretend meat. Shouldn’t we ask ourselves why we refuse to swallow one kind of chemical, only to eat another?

This strange phenomenon occurs in more than just the food industry. Why is it okay for you to treat your neighbour badly yet get upset when they do the same to you? Why do you insist your kid gets special treatment in school but not the other kid?

What makes you special? Are you ‘clean, organic and chemically pure’? Even if you know Christ as your personal Saviour, that doesn’t make you better than the rest of the world. It just makes you saved by the blood of the lamb.

And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:39, NIV)

Prayer – Lord, thanks for reminding us that we are only as pure as you make us. Amen

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