Clue to Clever

Would you like to exercise your brain, reduce your stress while increasing your knowledge and your vocabulary? What about strengthening your memory and even developing better writing and communication skills? Would you also like to improve your analytical thinking skills, your focus, and concentration?

It’s not as hard as you think. You don’t have to take more university classes or sign up for a night school event. No, all of these things are enhanced by the simple act of reading; yes reading.

The only problem is the guilt that sneaks in whenever we sit down to imbibe in a gluttony of chapters.

‘A waste of time,’ whispers the little voice in our heads. ‘You must vacuum, dust, write something, or cook a meal…anything but reading.’ Such lies must be refuted instantly. The truth is that reading is a necessity.

In fact, Jesus expected us to read because he constantly asked questions like this.

Did you not read what David did when hungry? (Matthew 12:3)

Have you never read the law…? (Matthew 12:5)

Have you never read that he made them male and female? (Matthew 19:4)

Have you never read that out of the mouths of babes? (Matthew 21:16)

Have you never read in the scriptures? (Matthew 21:42)

Have you never read of the resurrection of the dead? (Matthew 22:31)

Then Jesus was speaking about the law because the New Testament was not yet written. Today he would be telling us to read scripture.

Listen carefully for the little voice in your head that is pointing you there!

And finally the great read in Matthew 27:27.

Over his head, they put the accusation against him. This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.

So let’s dive into our daily read, and spend time with Jesus while ignoring the voice of guilt screaming ‘This is a waste of time.’ The truth is that time with Jesus is always well spent.

Prayer- Lord God, you always have time for us. We promise today to take time with you. Amen.

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