Consider These Sayings

  • “Vice does not lose its character by becoming fashionable.”

Have you noticed the scarcity of clothing on ‘fashionable’ world people? Funnily enough, it is mostly women who feel they must be naked to get respect and career advancement. I hate to tell you this but we all have the same body parts. And none of them are worth getting excited over.

Paul says: The parts we think are less honorable; we treat with special honor. And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our presentable parts need no special treatment. (1Corinthians 12:23, 24, NIV)

  • What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.”

A TV commercial against drinking said something like this. My grandfather didn’t drink. My Dad took an occasional glass of wine. I am an alcoholic.

Have you seen this in your life? Put any other word in there. The results are the same. What we permit, our children will overdo.

  • “God grant that I may never live to be useless!” Finally, I give you a positive goal to live out.

Are we useless? Friends I don’t believe we are ever useless…unless we just give up on living.

  • You have one business on earth – to save souls.”
    Perhaps it is even your soul we are speaking of, because before you can save others, you have to be sure yours is right with God.

Prayer- Father God, Help us be part of the holiness movement toward love and joy and Jesus. Amen.

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