Crescent Project

The Indianapolis-based Crescent Project has established itself as a unique communication bridge between Christians and Muslims. The ministry trains Christians how to engage and discuss their faith in Jesus Christ with Muslims in ways that are respectful of both religions. The ministry is run by Fouad Masri, who grew up in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon. Masri’s father was a pastor, but having grown up amid violence and bloodshed, he turned away from God. Ultimately, he recognized the problem was more with himself than the world around him and committed his ministerial life toward bringing greater understanding between Christians and Muslims. The Crescent Project holds seminars and produces DVDs and other educational materials which instruct Christians how to communicate with Muslims in a non-threatening manner. It works on local, state and national levels to communicate its beliefs. The ministry holds various conferences throughout the year, including the Oasis Conference, which helps Christians around the country network and receive resources on how to reach out. This year’s conference is from October 21-23 in Nashville. They also hold Bridges 1 Day Seminars around the country, which are designed to provide practical training in an engaging format. Their annual Sahara Challenge training is a weeklong seminar that helps expand people’s knowledge of Muslim ministry and deepen their passion for Muslims. In 2008, 61 percent of Crescent Project’s contributions went to its program expenses according to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Thirty percent went toward administration and the remaining 9 percent toward fundraising. All ECFA-certified non-profits are considered highly-rated and responsible financial stewards as entrance into the council is done on a pass-fail basis.

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