Dear, Only Life

How dear is our life to us?  In Psalm 35:17, AMP, David begs God to save his ‘dear and only life’ from the lions.  Would we use those words to describe ourselves? In Matthew 22:36-40, we are told to love God with everything that is in us and then to love our neighbour as well as we love ourselves.

What does loving ourselves look like?  If we truly loved ourselves…how would we live?

What would happen to our negative thoughts? Would we still continue with destructive attitudes and behaviours? How would our grooming, food choices, and relationships change? Would we spend our money on different things? Would we say no more often? How would our homes change; our relationships, our self-respect… our dear and only lives?

Luke 12:57 in several versions all really say the same thing.

“You don’t have to be a genius to understand these things. Just use your common sense. (MSG)

And why do you not judge what is just and personally decide what is right? (AMP)

Prayer – Lord, we don’t want to ‘over love’ ourselves, but we do want to treat ourselves with dignity and wisdom…help us learn the difference Lord. Amen

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