Decorating the Tree

2 Peter 1:19bBut when you consider the wonderful truth of the prophetswords, then the light will dawn in your souls and Christ, the Morning Star will shine in your hearts (LB).

Some people like to trudge through the forest in waist-deep snow to cut the perfect spruce tree. Others are content to pick a pine at the local market. Still others buy an artificial one of indescribable content and use it year after year. A few are content with a small table top branch. Others decorate their tree with a multitude of traditional items, while others use angel themes or celebrity characters. A few colour co-ordinate their tree to their décor. Young families display pre-school paper chains and snowflake cut-outs.

Whatever our preference, we generally have one thing in common. The lights go on first.  And so it is for us. The light of Jesus has to go on in us first. Oh, we will try to change ourselves by reading self-improvement books and taking classes, but inside, we know that those changes are not lasting or deep. True change happens from the inside out. When Jesus gets on our inside, change begins to show on our outside.

Luke 11:36If you are filled with light within, with no dark corners, then your face will be radiant too, as though a flood light is beamed upon you (LB).

Prayer: Lord, when you gave your son Jesus to the world, you gave us the opportunity to be lights. Beam yourself through us, Lord, into the dark corners of people’s lives.  Amen

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