Discernment – Guarding My Words

Recently, our church lost our pastor of 13 years. He bravely and boldly battled cancer before going home to the Father. However, before he left this world, I had the privilege of hearing his last sermon.

It was a sermon based on Psalm 119. There is so much covered in Psalm 119 on living Godly lives that it's hard to summarize it. Yet, the message he left us with remided us to carry on. Keep pursuing God with all your heart. Keep reading and studying the Word. Spend time in prayer whenever possible throughout your day. Meditate on the Lord and all His ways.

We all knew our pastor was sick and struggling, yet with every effort of his being, right down to his last breath, he wanted to keep encouraging us in everything we do to “work as unto the Lord, not men.”(Colossians 3:23 NIV)

One of the ways we can do that is by guarding our words. Our pastor was a man of honor and respect. This man never let an unwholesome word come from his lips. In fact, his heart was so filled with the Spirit, and love for others, that all his thoughts were filled with love and encouragment to support the body of Christ and build it up whenever possible.

Can we say the same thing about our lives? Are our thoughts and the words we speak full of goodness and purity and the things of God, or could we guard our thoughts and words better?

I also had a teacher that really taught, believed and practiced discernment. That is, he thought very carefully about everything he might say or do before he did it. He wanted to make sure that whatever he said or did was the right thing to say or do that would give God glory. I imagine he prayed about it too. In fact, I know he did.

As I've mentioned before in prior devotions, I consider myself one who is, “Growing in Christ.” I am maturing, and part of that growth is learning to pray, spending more time in the Word and constantly contemplating my thoughts, my words and my actions. In everything, I want my life to be one that reflects the love of Christ. He has done so much for me. He loves me so much. May everything I think, do and say share that love with others.

These Are The Words I Would Say


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