Do Your You’s Match

In your heart of hearts, you know you love the Lord and yearn to be obedient in all things. So what does the real you look like when you compare it to the outside you?

The authentic you does not have a filthy mouth, an extra fifty pounds or a drug habit. The real you is one person, not a dual personality. Take a good hard look at yourself. Do you yell and scream at home, but put on a sweet church front on Sunday? Do you fudge on your taxes and your tithe but make a show of giving? Seriously, do your ‘you’s’ match up? What will it take to change that for the better?

He told them a proverb also: No one puts a patch from a new garment on an old garment; if he does, he will both tear the new one, and the patch from the new [one] will not match the old [garment]. (Luke 5:36, AMP)

Be your own Good Samaritan. Partner with Christ for the best results.

Prayer:  Lord, show us our weaknesses. Guide us into oneness with you…and with ourselves. Amen

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