Duck Tape

James 3:5So also the tongue is a small thing but what enormous damage it can do.(LB)

My friend wore a favorite skirt to work. However, the skirt only fit if she wore it with her rubber girdle. During the day, the girdle ripped! A huge lump of flesh escaped from that girdle and appeared at her side! She couldn’t’t take the girdle off because if she did she wouldn’t’t be able to wear the skirt. Duct tape to the rescue. She taped the reluctant undergarment together. We called that tape “duck” tape because if that girdle ever let go again, we would all have to duck!

Ever been in the line of fire when someone lets lose with a string of angry words? Ever been that person of weak ‘duck’tape?

Here is the problem. I said to myself, Im going to quit complaining! Ill keep quiet, especially when the ungodly are around me. But as I stood there silently the turmoil within me grew to the bursting point. The more I mused, the hotter the fires inside. (Psalm 39:1,3 LB)

The solution is found in Psalm 141:3-Help me Lord to keep my mouth shut and my lips sealed. (LB)

Prayer: Lord we can’t tame our tongue without your help. Cool the fires within us by watering us afresh with your Holy Spirit. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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