Eat Cheese

Yes, eat cheese or any other food group that comes to mind, and you will find a diet based on it. Trust me. I’ve been on all of them and I know from personal experience that they all work… if you stay on them and deprive yourself of every enjoyable thing for the rest of your lifetime!

Layer on the Grapefruit Diet, the Cookie Diet, and the Baby Food Diet, the Low Carb / High Carb Diet and 2015’s craze—the Cotton Ball Diet. Is the last one new to you? You are supposed to soak cotton balls in liquid, and then swallow them, hoping they make you feel full (and don’t kill you.)

The Bible has lots to say about gluttony and overeating. I’ll spare you that. No doubt you’ve come across those verses yourself. They all point to self-control. Groan away, but consider this thought as you mournfully beg the Lord to give you some. We have plenty of self-control. Don’t we have sufficient constraint to seal our behinds to the couch and ignore little children who want to play?  Don’t we have enough gumption to eat a whole box of candy, a jar of peanut butter or a loaf of bread? Oh yes, we have enough self-control to force ourselves into that all right.

Let your moderation (self-control!) be known unto all men (and women!). (Philippians 4:5, KJV) 

Prayer – Lord, we’ve turned blind eyes to the truth. Forgive us. Amen

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