Effective Disobedience

The sea raged. The ship tossed. Everyone was in danger

Then they grilled him: “Confess. Why this disaster? What is your work? Where do you come from? What country? What family?”He told them, “I’m a Hebrew. I worship God, the God of heaven who made sea and land.”

At that, the men were frightened, really frightened, and said, “What on earth have you done!” As Jonah talked, the sailors realized that he was running away from God. They said to him, “What are we going to do with you—to get rid of this storm?” By this time the sea was wild, totally out of control. (Jonah 1:8-11, MSG)

Look around you. It’s one thing to take ourselves out of the game. It’s quite another to drag everyone else down with us.

Prayer:  Lord, when we don’t care enough about ourselves, please help us toward obedience for the sake of those around us. For the Christ who cares for us all. Amen

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