Enough Vinegar

This was on a store window in a 40’s war movie. I guess vinegar might have been rationed at one time. I am not sure. However I am sure that the saying is true. There is enough vinegar for all of us in this world.

Sharp and bitter, even cruel and unfair things happen to all of us in our life time. Just in the last year, I have had major surgery, skin cancer surgery, a severe infection and a broken arm which is taking far too long to heal. I am sure that you have your own tales of woe.

Through this year I sometimes dwelt on my vinegary life. I forgot that as a born again Christian, I stand in a place of Victory. After all, even Jesus tasted vinegar, but he didn’t take it in.

They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink. (Matthew 27:34, KJV)

We might wish this year to be full of sunshine, but no doubt there will be some vinegar. Deal with it but refuse to let it take over your life. God has a better plan.

Prayer-Father, give us courage and strength to meet the year to come with joy and thanksgiving, even though some of it might be vinegary. Amen.

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