False Teachers

“They wobble in and wobble out, and leave the people all in doubt.”–Reverend David Mainse

The Bible gives us some guidelines on how to detect a false teacher:

2 Peter 2:1 tells us that they are already among us. They bring in damnable heresies, deny the Lord and thankfully will bring swift destruction upon themselves (KJV).

False teachers want us to lean on the law, not on Christ (Galatians 3:18-AMP).

False teachers deny Christ. They talk worldly language and the world eats it up. (1 John 4:4-6).

According to Galatians 5:9, they can mislead an entire church.

And we are responsible if we follow after them!

Jeremiah 14:16b-For I will pour out their wickedness upon them [and not on their false teachers only, for the people could not have been deceived except by their own consent (AMP].

No need to be nervous. God knows what to do.

2 Peter 2:9b-the Lord knows how to rescue the godly out of temptations and trials, and how to keep the ungodly under chastisement until the day of judgment and doom (AMP),

But so should we. As President Ronald Reagan used to say, trust but verify!

Prayer: Father God we thank you that you sent Jesus to save us from our sins and prevent us from failing and missing the true end and scope of life, which is God (from Matthew 1:21bAMP).

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