Family Plot

Jacob fell in love at first sight with the pretty sister, Rachel (Genesis 29) and made a bargain to marry her. But sneaky dad, Jacob’s Uncle Laban, switched brides and substituted sister Leah, the one with the bad eyes. Leah lived her life knowing that she was second best.

Have you ever felt unwanted; knowing someone else preferred another? You might have learned that lesson as a child. Leah did. Her dad thought she was unmarriageable so he pawned her off as a substitute bride. Her husband didn’t love her but that didn’t stop him from having children with her. He had an affair with her maid. (Mind you, he did the same thing with Rachel; quite a guy, that Jacob.)

But in the end, Leah was buried in the family tomb, while Rachel died and was buried near Bethlehem.

There Abraham and his wife Sarah were buried, there Isaac and his wife Rebekah were buried, and there I buried Leah. (Genesis 49:30, 31, AMP)

Jacob died in Egypt but he gave instructions to his family that his remains were to be placed in that same tomb. (Genesis 49:29-32) and his children followed his wishes to the letter. (Genesis 50:1-13, AMP)

So it was that the husband who didn’t really love her, ended up buried beside her. Funny how God works things out, isn’t it.

Prayer – Father when we feel unwanted, thank you for reminding us that you take everything into account and work everything according to your plan. Thank you that you love us no matter what. Amen

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