Fast-Acting Relief

I’ve been feeling a bit wonky for the last few days and many a well-meaning friend suggests that I cut back, lie down and rest so as to recover from whatever ails me. 

This morning I asked one gal what she thought I should eliminate. “I don’t know,’ she replied.  ‘I don’t know what you do.’

Exactly! Quite frankly, I thought God should be the one to tell me what to change.

Actress Lily Tomlin suggests that for fast-acting relief, we should just slow down.  Wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy? Ouch. If I did that, my feelings would catch up with me. I'd feel the despair of my abusive past, the pain of rejection and the fear of the unknown.

That is, unless I also slowed down into prayer, a Psalm or two and a quiet half hour or so with the Lord.

Are you going too fast? Who isn’t?  Why not give ourselves a break. Let’s stop running. Why not let Jesus catch up with us and sooth the savage beasts within? We may wonder why we don't feel so cherished and close to Him as we used to, only to discover that He’s waiting patiently for us to make ourselves available to His presence.

What a great day to sit down with our Bible. The book of John is a great place to start. God is waiting for us.

Lamentations 3:56-You heard my voice [then]: [Oh] hide not Your ear [now] at my prayer for relief (AMP).

Prayer: Father God, remind us that the world can go on without us for a few minutes. We on the other hand, cannot go on without you. Amen.

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