Fat Season

Fat season approaches. We’d do well to knock off a few pounds before it gets here. Let’s take what God offers and be grateful, unlike the Israelites who cried… “and our soul loatheth this light bread!” (Numbers 2:5b, KJV).

I’m dieting Lord and it is a bore.  I’m dieting Lord, what a difficult chore.

Lord, if you love me, Shouldn’t I be getting all that I want for free?

Lord, if you love me, couldn’t you be offering chocolate and macaroni to me?

Lord forgive me, my attitude’s wrong. Whatever food–give me strength to be strong.

You’ve shown that obedience to weight loss is your wish, so help me Lord, to pass up this fattening dish.

Prayer- Lord, some things never change. Don’t let us be one of them. Amen

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