Fatherly Nurse

A good father exhibits the qualities generally associated with fatherliness. That includes love, support, and protection.

A nurse is one who is trained to look after the sick or injured.

Thus a fatherly nurse must be a really special person. They would be full of love for you. They would support you in every way and even protect you in the tough times. They would know how to care for you when you were sick or injured.

Let me introduce you to the best fatherly nurse ever.

The God of these people Israel selected our forefathers and made these people great and important during their stay in the land of Egypt, and then with an uplifted arm, He led them out from there.

And for about forty years like a fatherly nurse, He cared for them in the wilderness and endured their behavior. (Acts 13:17-18, AMP)

Are you aware that as bad as we often are, our fatherly nurse still cares for and loves us? Oh, what a treasure he is.

Prayer- Dear Fatherly Nurse, thank you so much for caring for us when we don’t know enough to care for ourselves. Amen.

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