Father’s Days

I used to complain a bit about the way I was raised, only to find out that my friends had pretty much the same experience. Our upbringing was more a sign of the times than a personal vendetta against us.

My Dad, and likely yours too, struggled to put food on the table and shoes on our feet. I’ve learned to see my parents’ parenting as an over all experience, not a censure measured by a one or two time event.

Still, if I measured my Dad by any one thing, it would be his response to my letter telling him how I was abused and by whom.

You see, he took me at my word and simply believed me. His letter in return wasn’t mushy or anything, but he acknowledged my pain. That’s all I needed.

May your Father’s Day be blessed as you bless your Dad and dwell on the good ways he impacted your life.

Prayer-Father, thank you for fathers for without them we would not even exist. Amen.

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