Fixing Stuff

Yes, I am a fixer. I want everything to go smoothly around me. I interfere where I probably shouldn’t. That’s why I would have made a better job of the Bible.

I’d have cleaned up the names of all those Mary gals and then renamed them so we could tell who was who. In my book, they’d be called Betty or Sally or Lou. And why are so many people named John? What on earth was God thinking?

And why did John and Jesus have to be cousins? If they’d been thrown together out of nowhere wouldn’t the story be more believable?

Where did the disciples come from and why don’t we have a full biography of each of them?

I’d have more food details and some recipes. Did they make hummus the way we do now?

Those very same questions are my answers.

You see, that is how I know quite clearly and surely that God organized and inspired the Word of God, the Bible.

And because of his words many more became believers.(John 4:41, NIV)

Prayer- Thanks, Lord that the Bible is written the way it is so that we will believe. Amen.

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