Forget It

Americans celebrate Independence Day today. They are grateful for their country and proud of its accomplishments over the years.  Most nations do this once a year. It’s terrific to remember where we came from, what we have accomplished as nations, but once a year?

How often do we thank God for his part in all of this? For that matter, do we give him any credit at all?

John Blanchard points out that God is never more properly thanked for his goodness than by our godliness.

So let us enjoy our national holidays. May the fireworks blaze; the bands blast loudly, the picnics be sublimely delicious. And may God be praised for how he has led us, guided us, and nurtured our countries into what they are today.

Just as the virgin Mary sang about her new beginnings, so we can say about our countries, God All-Powerful has done great things for me, and his name is holy. (Luke 1:49, CEV)

Prayer – Father we thank you for providing us with all that we enjoy today. Amen

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