Going Green

I always feel slightly ashamed when I forget to take bags into the grocery store. I mean aren’t we all supposed to be saving the planet now? Then I remember how I will reuse every single one of those plastic bags, just as I used to do the paper ones.

I think of the bottles I returned so they could be reused, not smashed up as they are now. I made reusable cloth diapers for our little ones and washed them by hand. We’d never even heard of disposable paper plates or bottled water. We worked out doing work, not driving to the gym.

And I forgive myself a little for not remembering to bring bags into the store today. After all, God does…

Prayer- Lord, give us intense and unfailing love for one another. Help us forgive and disregard the offenses of others, even when the others are us. For Christ…Amen (From 1 Peter 4:8, AMP)

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