Good for Nothing?

“Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.” (Exodus 4:13, NIV) 

Really? The next time you feel like a failure, that your God cannot make use of you…remember these people!

Match the right person with the right description. Some names will be used more than once. The first reader who sends me the correct answers with the accompanying verse will receive a free copy of one of my books! Log in your answers at my blog, Contest ends July 20.

1. murderer      2. Too old     3. Liar      4. Abused   5. Afraid   6. Adulterer        7. Bankrupt

8. Ran Away    9. Divorced     10. Too big    11. Too small   12. Too religious  13. Prostitute

14. Worrier    15.   Womanizer      16. Too young    17.  Stomach trouble   18. Widow

19. Stutterer    20. The beautiful sister   

Names: Moses, Timothy, Naomi, Goliath, Zacchaeus, Job, Jacob, Jonah, Paul, Samaritan woman, Abraham, Joseph, David, Gideon, Rahab, Martha , Sampson, Jeremiah, Rachel

Prayer- Lord, May we see ourselves as you see us, through the eyes of Christ. Amen.

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