Gospel for Asia working with Myanmar famine victims

People living in the autocratic Asian country of Myanmar are suffering from a rare explosion in the rat population which has devastated crops and lead to a widespread famine. The country is experiencing “mauram” a rat infestation which takes place once every 50 years when a certain bamboo plant produces flowers which rats eat and greatly increases their fertility, leading to the population explosion. Seventy-five percent of the crops in the impoverished Irrawaddy Delta, which was already heavily damaged by a cyclone last year, have been destroyed. Gospel for Asia, an evangelical mission group which had mission teams on the ground prior to the infestation, is working to mitigate the famine. Families are being forced to scavenge for food as their rice harvest and other staples are being devoured by rats. “Since our missionaries are already serving among the people, they are aware of their every need. We are doing all we can to take care of them,” Gospel for Asia president K.P. Yohannan said. Link: Gospel for Asia: http://www.gfa.org/

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