Grass Stalker

I’m ashamed to admit it but I have become a stalker, a grass stalker to be more specific. I had to re-seed the lawn and that comes with great watering responsibilities. So day and night, you can find me outside, re-arranging hoses, checking water levels and grass heights.

After weeks of this, tiny bits of green cautiously raised their heads out of the murky soil. Whew! Now I can stop watering, right? NOT! The instructions say I must keep the soil moist so that the plants can establish themselves. I must water them till they can take care of themselves.

Why should it be any different for those new to Christ? We can’t just bring them to the knowledge of Christ and then leave them to fend for themselves.

And as he sowed, some seeds fell by the roadside, and the birds came and ate them up.But when the sun rose, they were scorched, and because they had no root, they dried up and withered way. (Matthew 13, 4, 6, AMP)

Prayer- Lord, give us both patience and stamina to water beyond first growth. For Christ. Amen

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