Habitage is a newly coined word meaning “habits that sabotage us.” Now I don’t wish to meddle but most of us have at least one bad habit. It is the thing that we cling to, no matter how bad is for our bodies, our jobs or our families. It is the habit that we do to cover up the real problem.

For instance, I thought bulimia was my problem but it was only the way I learned to cope with the aftermath of abuse.

I invite you to check this list, add any habitage that I missed and then ask God to help you figure out why you do it. This of course will require listening.

  • Smoking
  • bulimia
  • anorexia
  • overeating
  • lying
  • picking one’s nose
  • procrastination
  • laziness
  • alcohol
  • junk food
  • nail biting
  • cracking knuckles
  • road rage
  • anger
  • adultery
  • shopping
  • addiction to social media
  • pornography
  • stealing
  • swearing
  • talking to yourself
  • talking with your mouth full
  • misuse of credit cards
  • murder
  • mayhem


Prayer – Lord, may we be quick to hear [a ready listener, (James 1:19, AMP) and eager to join you in dealing with our habitage. Thank you. Amen

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