Hovsepian Ministries

Joseph Hovsepian has a powerful story to tell through his family’s legacy. Hovsepian operates the Burbank, Calif., based Hovsepian Ministries in honor of late father, Haik. In 1994, Hovsepian’s father Haik was murdered in Iran. Haik Hovsepian was a leading bishop of Protestant churches in Iran and had drawn international attention publicizing the case of Mehdi Dibaj. Dibaj was a Christian who converted from Islam and had been jailed for 10 years. Nearing execution, Haik Hovsepian prompted outside pressure on Iran to release Dibaj. Shortly thereafter, Hovespian was found dead from repeated knife wounds. Only 19 at the time, Joseph Hovspeian was understandably devastated. He and his family managed to flee Iran and he took filmmaking skills he began developing in his father’s church into a career. Educated in Great Britain, Joseph Hovsepian lives in Southern California with immediate family including brother Andre. He shares his testimony and life experiences around the world to promote supporting the underground persecuted church in Iran. House churches are the primary form of Christian gathering and worship in Iran, which is otherwise a strictly controlled conservative Islamic republic. Joseph and the younger of his two brothers, Andre, produced the award-winning documentary “A Cry From Iran” about their father’s life and murder in 2007 under their company, JFA Productions. The middle brother of the family, Gilbert is an active leader in music and worship associated with the ministry. “The ministry is advocating for churches in Iran to be able to share the Gospel and equipping them as much as possible,” Hovsepian said. Hovsepian Ministries also works with satellite outlets to beam television signals into Iran and reach Christians who are practicing their faith in secrecy. Joseph hosts “The Youth Road,” which addresses young adults on issues such as drugs, sexuality and depression from a Biblical perspective.

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