How Old Are You?

Satchel Paige asked this question. “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”

What is your answer? Are you a vibrant senior, active in your community? Did you know that one in every three seniors falls each year even though falls are not a normal part of aging; or that after a fall, the fear of falling may control your life?

Weak muscles make us susceptible to a fall. That’s pretty much what happens in the spiritual realm too. Weak, unused muscles let us down. We fall into sin without even expecting it.

So let’s turn our lives around, live longer and stronger and better. All we have to do is exercise those weak parts. That means both physically and spiritually. We don’t really need anyone to tell us how to do that, do we?

As the saying goes, “Exercise is good for your body, but religion helps you in every way. It promises life now and forever.” These words are worthwhile and should not be forgotten. (1 Timothy 4:8-9, CEV)

Prayer – Father God, thanks for giving us parts that move and minds that remind them. Amen

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