I Love

“I love cheesecake! I love freshly baked bread. I love a pleasant walk in the sunshine! I love getting my hair done.” I love- I love- I love.

If we use the word ‘love’ for things like this, how can those near and dear to us believe us when we say “I love you?”

Today is Valentine’s Day. We will be spouting love with wild enthusiasm. Cards, flowers, and chocolates hit one of their biggest sales days in the year. But I ask you, why would anyone believe us if we use the word ‘love’ about our chocolate and also about our beloved?

Even more concerning is the phrase, “I love the Lord Jesus”…for if we love him with the same fervour as we love our chocolate or for that matter our beloved… is our love for the Saviour weaker or our love for our beloved stronger?

My husband often told me that he loved me, but one day he repeated that statement with this tag on. “I love you,” he said, “but I love Jesus more.” And I answered this way. “That’s all right Honey, that’s the way it is supposed to be.”

So how is your love life this Valentine’s Day? What do you ‘love’ most? Is it chocolate, your beloved or the Son of the Most High God, your Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ?

Prayer – Lord, show us love’s differences. We want to love you more than all our other ‘loves.’ Amen

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