Inside or Out

Lightning can enter a home by direct strike or even though wires and pipes outside the house. Once inside, it can travel though land line phones, electrical wiring and even radio/ TV systems. It can even travel though metal bars and wires inside concrete walls or floors!

My friend found this out the hard way. She was just sitting in her kitchen chair while a storm furied outside. Suddenly she grabbed her knee in pain. Lightning had travelled under the floor and up into her knee.

Lightning can travel as much as 10 miles/16 kilometres from a storm.  The indoors will not save you, but it will help. 

Yes, lightning is both sneaky and relentless, but so is the evil one. . 

Satan masquerades as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14b, AMP) 

Friends, remember what ever the storm, Christ awaits your call of distress.

Prayer- God thank you for the care you give us in spite of the storms of life that try to sneak up on us. Amen.

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